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The post that hits the mat on Monday mornings is usually in the shape of a bill or a takeaway menu. This rainy December Monday morning was different though. There was something peculiar about the way this letter sat on top of the pile…


Graduate of the Year 2013

I was overwhelmed to receive such a prize as this. Below is whatΒ Adzuna and Milkround said about the process in finding the Graduate of the Year 2013 on their website ( This year team Adzuna partnered up with the UK’s top grad job site…

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 23.46.13

Innocent Drinks

What was the best way to get noticed by innocent drinks company? Create a scene on their Facebook page. It all started with one simple request…they check out my project. Hundreds of likes came in, but still no word from the smooth smoothies. So,…


Chelsea FC

A member of staff in the Media Department at Chelsea Football ClubΒ saw the project and got in touch. Inspired by my ambition to impact graduates, they asked me to take part in a challenge with Chelsea FC, the proposed suggestion was a cross-bar half-time…