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Day 34

Day 40: What would you do if you could not fail?

I’ve made it to Day 40!!!! Thank you for joining me on the journey, for encouraging me, for sending challenges, for telling me how the project has inspired you, for stepping out YOUR comfort zones, for putting up with my random video release dates…


Day 38: What is London listening to?

Have you ever been on a train or walked down the road and had an urge to pull out someones headphones and just hear what they are listening to? Well, that was my challenge. Camden Town seemed the most interesting place, and so I went…

ay 40png

Day 37: Make friends at traffic lights

There is that awkward, limbo-like space of time between the red man turning green at traffic light crossings isn’t there? We are all standing there, waiting for this man to change colour, on pause from getting from A – B. What a perfect time…


Day 36: Compliment People

I don’t know how you find it…but complimenting people is really difficult for me. Maybe I overthink it or I’m nervous about coming across as creepy or not genuine, but I rarely do it. So, I wanted to overcome the fear of failing at…