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Day 30

Day 30: Saracens Challenge

As you’ve been exploring through these different challenges – you’ll see that some have videos are others don’t. I have a fear of failure when releasing the videos: it’s a perfectionist mindset, but it’s stopping me from releasing them to the world! So, on the…

Day 29

Day 29: Tell strangers creative stories

From the advertising company office to the dinner party dining room, telling a good story and crafting a narrative is so important if you are to be successful! I am always scared if my stories are just going to fall completely, I wanted…

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Day 27: Wheelchair Challenge

Christian Hacking broke his back just over a year ago. It was a miracle that he survived the 30ft fall during one of his rock-climbing expeditions. Today’s challenge was set by Christian – ‘To spend the afternoon in a wheelchair’. The aim as he…

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Day 26: NIVEA Challenge

When I received a letter and a pack of deodorant from Nivea saying that they were enjoying the project, I couldn’t believe it! It’s a great joy when anyone shares the videos or gets in touch to say they are enjoying the project, let…