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A member of staff in the Media Department at Chelsea Football Club saw the project and got in touch. Inspired by my ambition to impact graduates, they asked me to take part in a challenge with Chelsea FC, the proposed suggestion was a cross-bar half-time challenge during a home game at Stamford Bridge. For you to understand how much this means to me, you need to know that Chelsea FC has been my team for as long as I can remember! Stepping onto the hallowed turf at Stamford Bridge at a home game is my dream!

The My 40 Days project has led to some extraordinary moments, could this be another crazy memory to add to the collection? It was about to be!

I emailed back straight away. I was told to wait a few days to hear the final logistics and in the meantime I played as much football as I could. This would be epic.

One week passed…

No dramas, maybe I am not the only person they have to think about.

Two weeks passed…

I’ll send an email.

One month passed…

I’ll send another email.

Two months passed…

Okay, this was not going to happen. Nevermind. I built my hopes up so high that when they crashed to the ground, it actually hurt quite a lot.

Then – an email!

Bear in mind, this was ages after the initial contact. It was from the person who was the potential contact for getting me doing the challenge. He was emailing to say why it would not be possible – and HIS REASON WAS UNBELIEVABLE.

He had been inspired by My 40 Days and realised his passion for journalism was something he wanted to pursue so he had handed in his notice at Chelsea FC TV to take a risk and pursue journalism.

He was no longer able to help me, but how incredible that he leaped out of his comfort zone because of My 40 Days.

This experience was bitter-sweet and I have been so encouraged by it.

Chelsea FC TV, if you are out there, why don’t we pick things up where we left off?

If you are a business or brand and want to partner with me and challenge me. Head over HERE.

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