Day 25: CV to Fast Cars

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Pursuit of Happiness is one of my favourite films. In it there is a moment where Will Smith’s character asks a guy in a Ferrari, “What do you do and how do you do it?” It’s a turning point in the man’s life as he discovers a vision for his future.

Today’s challenge follows this theme – ‘Day 25: Give your CV to fast cars’. It’s not that our life goal should be to amass material wealth but rather, understanding what motivates us and having the courage to approach people that could potentially open significant doors can lead us to achieving our life goals.

I started the challenge asking Will Smith’s question, “What do you do and how do you do it?” but I learnt very quickly that this question tends to offend. Two young Arab dudes told me to stand in front of the car and they would show me what they do, aka run me over. So I changed the question to, ‘Can you get me involved in what you do?’.

It was surprisingly difficult. However, as I mention in the video, I learnt so much from it. I’m not sure how effective a method it is for finding a job, as I didn’t get any responses from it but it certainly did in-still a bit more courage in me. I also do believe adopting a less conventional method, to things like the job hunt, can often be the best way of finding the greatest of opportunities.

The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety. – Goethe


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