Day 31: Get into Sir Paul Smith’s party

Paul Smith

Sir Paul Smith is a big name in the fashion world – his designs have won the highest awards and he has shops all around the world. I heard that he was throwing a London Fashion Week after-party and I was challenged right then, to get in, without being on the guest-list, without any fashion credentials and without much fashion sense!

How can I get into this party? Can I face rejection about what I am wearing? Can I overcome the fear of failure and get into a star studded party? I’ve already been rejected getting into the actual London Fashion Week event (check out Day 3!)

When you’re standing in front of the bouncer…and they look at you…you have to draw on a 20 second burst of confidence, some cheek and charm, a blagging line and a ‘what’s the worse thing can happen’ mindset. I hope to release the video soon, but I can say that it worked! I convinced the bouncer that he had to let me in! I got into the party!

There I was with big names in fashion, celebrities and artists.

It’s a constant challenge to me. There’s definitely parties or places where I feel I am excluded from or don’t belong. I hope doing this will keep inspiring me and you to step out your comfort zone and go for it.

It’s your turn for the next London Fashion Week!

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