Day 32: Perform at a Live Poetry Event

Day 30

Without doubt the most embarrassing thing I have ever done…I am cringing even thinking about it! (I promise I will release video evidence soon!)

I had about 30mins to write a poem for peopleΒ who were expecting professionals. I was so nervous I couldn’t write a thing. I hung at the back watching the wordsmiths wow the crowd, and then it was my turn.

It started off okay…but gradually people realised that I was no poet – not even my rendition of Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ or ‘One Pound Fish’ could help me!

I try to challenge myself and do a lot of public speaking – you may have seen the Tedx Talk and also the challenge where I give a surprise lecture at Kings College.

But this was a painful three minutes…a humiliating three minutes with no redemption…it was the worse possible feeling of completely flopping. But that experience has strengthened me and inspired me when I speak now. It’s given me that extra confidence, knowing that I can survive falling flat on my face!

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