Day 33: Introduce strangers to strangers


This simple concept started when I challenged Mark to introduce two strangers to each other, sitting on a bench in Liverpool Street Station. It was hilarious! So awkward! We then got on the tube, and we started a conversation about the news that day – we called it ‘News on the Tube’. Mark opened up the newspaper and we had a live debate in the third carriage of the Hammersmith and City Tube Train – it was brilliant!

I have been challenged to do something similar with talking to strangers, but I thought it would be better to introduce strangers TO strangers. It’s a key attribute of of a producer or an entrepreneur I think – you want to create partnership quickly and make something happen. – so I thought, why not try and facilitate discussion, encourage friendship and maybe even spark a romance.

The video will come soon – but you can imagine the scene, one young man, one young woman…waiting for a train…and me, a kind of cupid….introducing them to each other. (They were clearly not impressed)

I also tried to facilitate dialogue between a builder and a businessman – both found it very weird…


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