Day 36: Compliment People


I don’t know how you find it…but complimenting people is really difficult for me. Maybe I overthink it or I’m nervous about coming across as creepy or not genuine, but I rarely do it.

So, I wanted to overcome the fear of failing at it and step out my comfort zone. I started small and it was incredible to see the power of my words to make someone happy, others, I must admit, did find it bizarre that a mid-twenties, half-Ethiopian man, found their shoes to be perfectly matching their soothing eyes.

I had to take it to the next level though, if I was going to truly overcome my fear. So I got a megaphone-loud-speaker and stood outside Oxford Circus Tube Station spreading the love and complimenting everyone around me. It was rush hour – but I kept going and kept complimenting people!

The video will come, but rest assured that giving other people compliments is not actually that bad!


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