Day 37: Make friends at traffic lights

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There is that awkward, limbo-like space of time between the red man turning green at traffic light crossings isn’t there? We are all standing there, waiting for this man to change colour, on pause from getting from A – B.

What a perfect time to make friends…!

So, the impossible challenge for began – make a friend before the light goes green.

I have done challenges in the past with strangers, but this was the hardest, because it wasn’t just a connection, it was a friendship I had to build.

A lot of people found me very annoying – probably because I would do this weird thing – I would linger, kind of hover by their shoulder, and then say something completely out of the blue. But, sometimes it worked, and sometimes the discussions were close to forming friendships.

You will soon see on a video, a pretty incredible friendship that was formed at the lights.

A lady from India pulled up at the traffic lights, waiting to cross. I asked her if I could have a go on her bike…it was a cheeky ask. She stunned me and said, if I needed the bike, she would give it to me! I had to test to see if she was serious, so I said I needed to get about 500 metres down the road. She said ‘sure’ and let me ride off!

We met her afterwards and she was so friendly, so generous and so humble about it all – in India, people are friendly, she said.

Wow – I did not expect that!



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