Day 38: What is London listening to?


Have you ever been on a train or walked down the road and had an urge to pull out someones headphones and just hear what they are listening to?

Well, that was my challenge. Camden Town seemed the most interesting place, and so I went up to whoever had headphones, wherever they were and however fast they walked, and asked the simple question, ‘what are you listening to?’.

A LOT of people rejected me and kind of swatted me away like a fly, but as I grew in confidence and became more approachable, people took their earbuds out and had a chat with me, some guys even shared their music with me.

Listening to music has become quite an individualised activity – especially with the i pod or the i phone and so it was quite fun to disrupt that. People can tune in quite intensely and I was pretty scared of interrupting people in their flow, like pulling someone out the matrix.

Finding out what London is listening to is vital information for DJ’s, artists, promoters, producers, music companies and loads more – I wonder if we’ve hit onto something asking the question: ‘what is London listening to?’.

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