Day 40: What would you do if you could not fail?

Day 34

I’ve made it to Day 40!!!!

Thank you for joining me on the journey, for encouraging me, for sending challenges, for telling me how the project has inspired you, for stepping out YOUR comfort zones, for putting up with my random video release dates and for always watching and always expecting more out of life!

There has been one question that has emerged out of the heart of the project that would profoundly impact me: ‘What would you do if you could not fail?’

Engaging with this question was a turning point in my life. If I had not begun the project and become an ‘expert in failure‘, I would never have appreciated this question and positioned myself in a way to answer it.

The answer to this question for me would be, I would move back out to Ethiopia, the country where I had grown up, and I would start businesses that impacted the people there profoundly. And that’s what I did – I now am part of a small team building Africa’s first Waste to Energy facility in Ethiopia. When complete it will take 95 per cent of the capitals waste and provide 35 per cent of its energy needs.

Louis Cole and Dave Erasmus (Fun For Louis) spent some time seeing the beautiful country and what we were up to. Check out the rest of their Addis Ababa vlog !

If it wasn’t for my choice to embrace the fear failure, I would never have found myself in this place of feeling so out of my depth, but perfectly positioned to achieve what I could only have dreamed of.

What would you do if you could not fail?

The story continues here… Ethiopia In Me

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