• day 35

    Day 35: LinkedIn Challenge

    LinkedIn is a great resource for networking and I can get so scared of getting rejected if I try and connect online, let alone in real person. So, I took on the ultimate networking…

  • Day 32

    Day 34: Get someone to tie my shoe

    I was challenged on social media to ‘get someone to do the biggest favour for me’. It was a fun challenge to be set and we set up cameras around Covent Garden. I was…

  • day.39

    Day 33: Introduce strangers to strangers

    This simple concept started when I challenged Mark to introduce two strangers to each other, sitting on a bench in Liverpool Street Station. It was hilarious! So awkward! We then got on the tube,…

  • Day 30

    Day 32: Perform at a Live Poetry Event

    Without doubt the most embarrassing thing I have ever done…I am cringing even thinking about it! (I promise I will release video evidence soon!) I had about 30mins to write a poem for people who…